"This world is boring."

A single thought.

Four words that would come to suffocate the planet in darkness.

A man who would become King, and a King who would be feared as God.


This world of Semela had undergone much change in the recent millenia. Three great ages had passed. In the first age, the intelligent races emerged from their birthing grounds and had begun to create the kingdoms of old. This great age of peace lasted for three hundred years and ended with the discovery of seafaring. This Maritime Revolution, as it came to be known, marked the start of the Second Great Age. In this time, which spanned over a short 200 years, the intelligent races began to expand. This migration is the defining period of the second age. It is known as a time of great adventure, when all races left their motherlands and pursued greater fortunes in the world beyond their borders. The Third age is agreed to have begun when the Human race first encountered the God of speed, Satras. He taught humanity how to capture and ride horses, which made them capable of traversing great distances in shorter time, as well as able to cross many different types of terrain. Humanity quickly became the largest nation of races. Though, through time, humanity would, as most other races, split amongst themselves and war with their subgroups. A splintered nation, with no magical affinity that would collapse to prejudice and ruin. The fall of humanity sparked this new Fourth Age. The King of the Angelos, Gesa, would lead his people to begin the subjugation of races he felt to be inferior. In this time we find ourselves, man and God alike, looking anxiously to the future, unable to determine who will overcome the other.


The intelligent races are as follows:

1: The Angelos. The ones with the most affinity for magic. Their ancient birdlike race lives in a high mountainous region towards the north. Many races view them as divine and worship them as the messangers of the Gods. Though not strong in physical combat, their strong magic powers make them the most powerful nation.


2: The Ifrit. A race considered by many to be demonic. Unlike the other races, the were not born of proto-species on the ground. Another ancient race, they were born of the blood of Semela. A strong connection to the fire of the planet, they emerged from underground. Secluded, many view them as demons and devils. Led by Tenebrea, they keep to themselves for reasons known only to themselves.


3: The Kolos. A race of titans. Colossal Humanoids that live in the Fjords of the northern coast. Peaceful in nature, they tend to their livestock and rarely venture from the coastal region.


4: The Masrahi: A reptillian race from the deserts in the southern coast of the mainland. Their ancestors are believed to be human maidens who laid with dragons. A strong affinity for Fire magic and a tough hide makes them dangerous opponents and powerful allies.


5: The Orcs. Beastly looking humanoids. Physically superior to most races, they are peerless in physical combat with very little affinity towards magic.


6: The Halflings. A peaceful race that never really did much of anything. Very skilled with their hands and nimble, they arrived to the mainland early and settled in small towns.


7: The Elves. An old race. Known for their intelligence and strategic talent, the elves have many subspecies and races with different evolutionary traits. They have a strong affinity for magic, though not as high as the Angelos or Ifrit. Not much is known of their history after secluding themselves early in the third age.


8: The Dwarves. A race of humanoids, short in stature and strong of will. Their race has a natural connection with the earth. Legend says they are the children of the God of Stone, Zalmos. Through this connection with divinity they were able to carve their kingdom into the mountains and easily find rare trade goods such as gold and gemstones. A weak affinity for magic, they make up for this by having dense and powerful muscles. Strong fighters, they are a challenge for all but the most powerful monsters.


9: Humanity. A once glorious nation, fallen to infighting and greed, humanity is left to recover the power they once held. No magical affinity, they are at the mercy of the other races when in a magical fight. Lacking much physical strength as well, they are the underdogs of the realm. What they lack in power, they make up for in adaptability and fortitude.

Into the Serpent's Jaw

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